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15 April 2009

Kidron's Hope had to eventually close its doors for now, due to a lack of funding and resourses. By the grace of God we were able to keep it open for about 2 years and in that time we have learnt alot and progressed in ways we will always appreciate.

Cindy-Lee has moved to a group home on the West Coast, called Die Eiland Huis. It is situated in St Helena Bay and the house is right on the sea. She is very happy there and really enjoying the fresh air. There are 5 other residents with similar disabilities and the house parents/managers are really a very loving couple dedicated to the home. God worked everything out for Cindy-Lee's best interests and she is truly loved by all staff. We as a family have also relocated to the West Coast to be closer to the home for visits.

Funding is still an issue. The home relies on fees and donations and thus its important to give them plenty of expore to advertising. A fraction of the house's income is generated from a small business making jewellery and greeting cards. The Eiland Huis is in the process of creating a webpage and as soon as they have it up and running I will update the details.

We are currently covering Cindy-Lee's monthly fees and nappies but we are always open to others responding to the need. Thank you to all our sponsors and donors over the past few years. We are sincerely grateful and will keep you in our prayers.
God bless

23 January 2007

Kidron's Hope has now been running for 5 months and still going strong. We are continuously working on our fundraising projects to help raise much needed financial assistance to keep us afloat. To everyone that have assisted, we are most grateful and our prayers are that you will be sincerely blessed.

We are still in Gordon's Bay in our double storey house, but have realised that a single storey will be more suitable. We are on the looking out and hope to find another house soon. To be on a farm setup will be the ultimate answer. We are currently renting the double storey and this is our main financial comittment, besides staff salaries.

We would like to make a request for anyone who can help or assist us in any way possible,  to please make contact with me either on my cell number or via my email address which is on the "contact us" section of this webpage.
[Janeen Bocking, Cell: 083 338 1809, Email: ]

The other option is to make a set financial committment of R50, or any other amount, per month for a one year period.

Funds can be deposited via the internet banking, a stop order or a direct cash deposit. Please contact me for further details.
[Janeen Bocking, Cell: 083 338 1809, Email: ]

We are blessed to be in a position to have been able to start this much needed group home for Intellectually Disabled individual within our community. They are our hope and God's mercy is always with us.

Thank you.

  Beginning 2007

We at Kidron's Hope would like to take this oppertunity to sincerely thank
Pick 'n Pay in Gordon's Bay
for their financial assistance last year. Keith Igesund responded to our need
after reading an article that was published in our local newspaper.

We also would like to thank
Sandy Jeffery from Pallet Supply in Blackheath
for their financial assistance. We are really grateful and very blessed to have been helped when we needed it the most.


We offer residential care on a 24 hour 365 days a year basis, for Intellectually disabled adult ladies. We started on the 1st September 2006 and everything is going well. Residents are settling in after the move and adjusting to their new environment. Our aim and goal is to create a home away from home environment with lots of love and one to one care. We are hoping to start a workshop environment next year that will give the residents an oppertunity to benefit from a supervised and structured day with a range of activities to keep them happy and stimulated. It's taken us some time to get this all together but finally it's all happening. We want to keep the home small with only 4 or 5 residents. That way we can offer more one to one time for each individual residents. We will have 4 full time staff on site who can interact and assist residents as needed.

Anyone interested, staff or residents, can make contact with me via the following:
My details:
Janeen Bocking
Tel: 021- 856 0204
Cell: 083 338 1809

Furthermore, we are looking for sponsorships and donations. We need a washing machine, Fridge/Freezer, single beds and mattresses, vacuum cleaner, Wardrobes, lounge furniture, a dining room table and chairs, linen and curtains and our biggest need is a Combi/Microbus. We are using a standard family vehicle and will definitely need a bigger car to transport our residents to the workshop and outings. Anyone who can assist in any way, please contact me. Any assistance will be very much appreciated.

We are very blessed to have been able to start Kidron's Hope. We give God all the Glory and thank Him for His help and love towards us as a family.

Thank you and God Bless

My daughter, Cindy-Lee, is the little star of my life. She is always happy and smiling, even though she cannot speak or do the basic daily tasks that we take for granted. Cindy-Lee needs 24 hour care and supervision and makes permanent use of disposable nappies. She is now 19 years old.

Mother, Janeen and daughter Cindy-Lee (September 2005)

Please feel free to navigate this site to obtain more information about us. If it is in any way possible to help Cindy-Lee financially, please read the 'Contact us' section and remember us in your daily prayers.
Thanks for this visit.

Quick feedback to what is happening. This website became active late May 2003. This website will mainly be promoted by us as a family.
                                                               5 NOVEMBER 2004

Sorry for the long delay. This has been a very hectic year and we have some interesting news about Cindy's condition.It has helped us understand who she is and why she reacts the way she does.

We have received a new diagnosis on Cindy-Lee's condition. Blood and Genetic testing has revealed that Cindy-Lee has something called "Angelmans Syndome". It's a rare condition that effects the 15th Chromozone in the human body. A piece of the Chromozone is missing and resulted in Cindy-Lee's condition. Most of the brain functions are effected and now we understand why she has Scoliosis, cannot talk and functions at a 2 year old level. The condition was discovered by Dr Harry Angelman in 1965. It affects
1 in 20 000 children. Typical symptoms are: no or little speech, cerebral palsy, severe low functioning level, short attention span, insomnia, hyperactivity, sensitivity to light and sun, possible squinting in the eyes and many more.

We are grateful that we now know what her contidion is and how we need to respond to her. It is said to be uncurable, but we have hope in God and our Faith. We are investigating STEM CELL RESEARCH which has been found to be useful in many medical conditions. Any one who has any means to any information or has been involved in any research to do with STEM CELLS, please contact us. Other wise if there is anyone who has any further info on rehabilitation for Angelmans Syndrome, can you please make contact with us. I would also like to hear from other parents in similar situations. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all those who reads this message.
Janeen, Gary and Cindy-Lee

PS: anyone who would like to read up about Angelmans Syndrome can visit there website at:

Update 3 May 2005

Cindy-Lee just turned 19 and had a great day at the local Spur in Gordon's Bay. She enjoyed all the activity and the fresh warm sunshine.

We are so proud of her. She will always be my lovely angel. She's making improvement on her toilet training and we believe that someday she will be able to go unaided.

She looks forward to her weekends home. Sometimes when I work late and its past her normal collection time, she's already waiting at her table, watching the door for any movement that might signal her mom. When she sees me, she jumps and shouts and rushes to her room to collect her weekend bag.

As the car tunes into our road, she know exactly where she is and shouts out loud as soon as she gets out of the car. I love her with all my heart.

Cindy-Lee, mommy loves you.

New update 7 June 2006
Here is a recent photo of Cindy-Lee, who is now 20 years old.

Cindy-Lee 20 years of age (2006)

Cindy-Lee's sister, Chantelle, was recently born. Cindy-Lee is responding well to Chantelle and loves looking at her when she starts screaming and making a noise.

Sister Chantelle 2 months old

Sister Chantelle - 3 months old

I think she is stuned because for the first time, she is not the only one making a noise and wanting attention. Chantelle is a beautiful, bubbly baby and such a blessing.

Pleople are amazed to know that my one daughter is 20 and the other is only 6 months old. We are blessed to be parents and love having a baby around.

I am still hard at work trying to start the group home. I was donated a sign for my car to advertise the website. It's wonderful to refer people to the website who want info on Cindy-Lee.


6 months and "cherpy"

Cindy-Lee 3 years of age

Cindy-Lee about 6 years old

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